Roll a S'more Camping Game for Kids

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Take turns rolling the die to build your own s'more (even if you're not at camp!)

This is a simple game that is alot of fun for kiddos just getting into board games! Practice counting, turn taking and matching in this printable kids camping game. 

What's included in this printable s'more game set?

  • 1 Master Player Card – Used by whoever is handing out the s’more pieces
  • 3 Player Cards – There is a whole page of cards, so print as many as needed if 3 isn’t enough!
  • 1 page of extra large printable pieces – Perfect for little hands to grasp!
  • 1 optional printable picture die – This is really helpful for the young toddlers who can’t count, or maybe still struggle quite a bit. Just assemble it, and roll it just like a die, but instead match the pictures instead of the die amount!

This is a perfect game for:

  • Breaking up long days at camp
  • During rainy, bad weather to keep the kids excited about camping still
  • Camp week at school - the picture die is perfect for kids who aren't great at counting yet!
  • At home for camp loving kids during winter!

How to play the game:

  1. Cut out all the game cards. If you don’t have any real items to simulate the items in the game (graham cracker, marshmallow, roasting stick, fire) then also cut out the game pieces that are on the last page of the packet.
  2. Give each player a “blank” card (the game card with no pictures in the middle of it) and give an older child or adult the “master” card (it has the picture of the children cooking the marshmallow).
  3. Give the person with the “master card” all the s’more pieces – they will be in charge of handing them out based upon the rolls.
  4. The first player rolls the single die.
  5. Match up the amount shown on the die with the table provided on the card. That player will receive whichever item their roll corresponds with.
  6. Put the pieces received in the blank space of the card to start creating the s’more!
  7. If a person rolls the die and gets an item they already have, they just lose their turn and it is the next person’s turn.
  8. Whoever gets all 6 of the required items to make a s’more first wins!

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