33 Page "Camping 101" DIY Summer Camp Printable (5 Days of Educational Camping Lesson Plans!)

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Are you missing out on summer camp or just want to DIY it for alot cheaper? Then check out this five day educational crash course to teach your kids/students Camping 101!

Here it it, the Camping 101 Five Day DIY Summer Camp Activity Pack

  • A guide for each day so you know how to prep and make it AWESOME
  • Size: This is formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch papers.
  • 28 pages of color + black and white custom made printable content to do each days activities and reinforce important camping lessons such as fire safety and the Leave No Trace principles!

What's in it?

This 33 page guided lesson plan teaches kids the basics of camping and hiking safety... with some fun activities to reinforce it! 

Be sure to scroll through the images to get an idea of what each day's plan looks like!

Many activities include a video element to introduce the idea, discussion topics, and finally an activity to do together to further understand the topic.

  •  [6 Page Getting Started Guide] A guide to walk you through each day with what you'll need and the EASIEST way to do it all in!
  • [Monday - Make Camp] Learn what to pack and discuss what makes a good/bad camping spot. Set up your own tent or fort, then complete the backyard observation sheet and optional packing printable activity!
  • [Tuesday Campfire Day] Learn all about campfire saftey and how to best build them. Watch Smokey the Bear, complete the Campfire 101 worksheet, then have fun with some optional campfire song printables and crafts!
  • [Wednesday Wilderness Exploration]  Learn what to pack when going on a hike and proper trail etiquette! Print out the kids hiking safety journal for an easy to use reference that kids can use anytime. Then go on a nature hike and bring along a couple of fun scavenger hunts!
  • [Thursday First Aid + What to Avoid] Go over precautions to take while in nature such as edible vs. non edible and unsafe situations, then brainstorm with your family/class unsafe things to avoid in nature where you live using the included worksheet! Don't forget to check out the NOLS link caregivers!
  • [Friday Leave No Trace and FUN] Watch a short video to learn about the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, then check out the included charts with a summary of each. Let kids apply what they learned by fililng out their own Leave No Trace chart with actions they can do themselves for each principle! Then have some fun and play camp themed charades!
  • [Black and White Camp Badges to Be Earned Each Day] - Choose from either a full page badge or smaller size badge to give your child/student to color in after completing the days activities!
  • [Full Color Certificate of Completion] After completing all 5 days of Camping 101 activities, print out a cool certificate of completion and fill it out with the child's name and date of completion!